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Crowdsourcing Specialist


About Us

VenVici is a crowdsourcing specialist that drive traffic and promote products sales.

VenVici comprises of the development of communities of affiliates, which we refer to as affiliates. As an affiliate of VenVici, they will be further incentivized to recommend users to join the communities, consume, purchase or even market our partnering vendors’ products. Affiliates are incentivized with the growth of the user community. With the high penetration potential of a community network which is held together by a common interest or goal, in addition with the motivation of being incentivized. 

Venvici uses the product marketing budget and advertising dollar received rewards affiliates with each successful sale or product reference.  The advertising dollar will also distribute across the membership platform to reward member’s promoting efforts or behaviour, hence encouraging participants to reach a higher performance level when they drive trends and sales for products.


Be an Affiliate

There are few tiers as an affiliate; generally, most people will join us as an US$100 affiliate which we term as “Basic” affiliate, or you can be a “Starter” to try it out for as little as US$10. For every package, there are obvious benefits to the perks, here are the difference

Types of Membership are as follows:


Redeem P – For every dollar of membership, members get equivalent value of Redeem P, which can be used to redeem items from the Redemption catalogue 



Please note that Venvici does not engage in any sales of financial securities, shares or any financial products that entails in promised monetary returns. If you have received anyone soliciting for investment or sales of shares in our name, partnering entities and/or platform’s name, please contact us immediately via Feedback




Redeem US$10 worth of products



Redeem US$100 worth of products



Redeem US$1,000 worth of products


Be a certified digital marketing foundation and get certified in 3 different hot subjects. Each certification typically retails for US$975.


Digital franchise


Redeem US$10,000 worth of products


Be a certified digital marketer and get certified in 11 different hot subjects. Each certification typically retails for US$975, but now you can get certified in ALL subjects for the price of ONE.


Book a space





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