Rooftop Garden


  1. Rental is $50 for 6 hours, with a refundable deposit of $100, total $150 to be pay in cash upon booking confirmation. Reservations and bookings over the phone are not allowed. 

  2. Member shall adhere to the duration, 6 hours. 

  3. Member shall be responsible for the rooftop and barbecue pit during the above mentioned duration. 

  4.  Check the facility before using and report any damages to the management. Member/Guest may be made liable to make good any damages to the facilities if damages are not reported. 

  5. Rooftop and barbecue pit has to be returned in its original condition, which including unburned charcoal inside the pit must be emptied after use. Extinguish any burning coal and ensure they are cold before discarding them into the litterbins. 

  6. Live band and loud music is not allowed. 

  7. VenVici Pte Ltd reserved the right to remove any unattended belongings at the rooftop without prior notice. 

  8. Member shall agree to use the barbecue pit and its surrounding areas at their own risks. Member shall not make any claims against VenVici Pte Ltd with respect to any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of the rooftop and barbeque pit. For the same, member shall indemnify VenVici Pte Ltd against all actions, claims and demands which VenVici Pte Ltd may suffer or incur in connection with loss of life, personal injury and/or damages to property arising from or in connection with the use of the rooftop and barbecue pit.

  9. Cancellations and refunds will not be entertained once the booking is made and confirmed, including in the event of bad weather. 

  10. Deposit will be refunded via cash in the following working day at customer service counter. 

  11. In the event that the member is in breach of any of the above T&C, the $100 deposit will be forfeited. 

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